There exist three ways to fulfill the compulsory ratio:

  • To employ disabled persons in the ratio of at least 4% to the total number of employees;
  • To transfer 2.5 times the amount of average wage per each non-employed disabled person to the state budget;
  • To apply the so-called "substitute performance", i.e. to purchase products or services from the employers that employ more than 50 percent of disabled persons;

To combine the above methods.

If an employer purchases goods and/or services in the "substitute performance" mode, it will save up to 35 percent of the purchase price of the products and/or services purchased as the "substitute performance".

Since the company of EMERGE, a.s. employs more than 50 percent of disabled persons, it can provide you with high-quality services and/or products also in the "substitute performance" mode.

Advantages of applying the "substitute performance" mode:

  • The statutory duty is easily met
  • Cost savings are achieved
  • Particular people with disabilities can be employed
  • Application of the "substitute performance" mode helps employers provide disabled people with good working conditions.