Nowadays, the company of EMERGE, a.s. is much bigger than at the beginning. It is a "Tier 1" supplier in the automotive industry.  A "Tier 1" company is the most important member of a supply chain in the automotive industry, supplying components directly to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and sharing its responsibility for the final product. However, our wide connection also includes important companies in other industries. 

EMERGE, a.s. has more than 800 employees and it is still growing and developing. Our employees are real experts at their jobs. 

In the last few years we have been offering to our customers (besides moving a certain manufacturing or logistic processes) an option of providing the so-called "substitute performance" owing to the fact that we are an employer of the disabled.  Cooperation in this field is always bilaterally beneficial.

Our goal is to provide high-quality services and to develop technologies to our customers' satisfaction. That is the reason why we robotize our production lines and introduce production standards according to the ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certifications.

We are a member of the Chamber of Employers of the Disabled
and of the Chamber of Commerce of the Hradec Králové Region
We cooperate with the National Council of Disabled Persons





Commencement of construction of a new logistics center.

The planned capacity of the hall is 9.000 m2.


SIMPAC 1200 t

Our most powerful SIMPAC press.

New KUKA robotic lines

Launch of the latest KUKA robotic lines.


New plant Bezděčín

New operation in Bezděčín 5 km from Mladá Boleslav. Capacity 17.500 m2.


Škoda Parts center

Cooperation with Škoda Auto in the ŠKODA Parts Center for packaging of spare parts.




A merger between the companies of EMERGE and AMULET


Introduction of robotic lines


Launching the ombudsman services


Logistic Centre in Liberec


Gaining the
ISO/TS 16 949 certification


Gaining the
ISO/TS 16 949 certification


Building an assembly hall in Náchod


The company becomes an employer of the disabled with the ratio exceeding 50 percent and thus the company also becomes a provider of the so-called "substitute performance"


Establishment of the AMULET company


Gaining the first certification according to VDA 6.1


Establishing cooperation with ŠKODA AUTO, a.s.


Building the first assembly hall in Bakov nad Jizerou


Establishment of the EMERGE company